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Good Faith Estimate

Psychotherapy Services: $200 intake appointment(s), $160 per regular session

  • This includes individual, couples, or family therapy sessions provided by a licensed psychologist. The cost per session may vary depending on the location, experience, and expertise of the therapist, as well as the duration of each session.


Psychological Testing Services: $1,500 – $3,000

  • This includes psychological assessments, evaluations, and testing conducted by a licensed psychologist to assess mental health conditions, cognitive abilities, personality traits, and other relevant factors. The cost of psychological testing may vary depending on the type and complexity of the tests administered, as well as the time required for scoring, interpretation, and report writing.


Gender Surgery Letter Services: $200 per letter

  • This includes providing letters of support and recommendation for individuals seeking gender-affirming surgeries. These letters are typically required by surgeons and insurance companies as part of the evaluation process for gender-affirming surgeries and are provided by mental health professionals who specialize in gender identity issues. Sliding scale options are offered, when available.


*Please note that these estimates are approximate and can vary depending on factors such as the location, experience, and expertise of the mental health professional providing the services, as well as the specific requirements of each individual case. It’s always best to discuss your needs with a mental health professional and obtain a personalized estimate based on your unique circumstances. Additionally, mental health services may be covered by insurance, and it’s recommended to check with your insurance provider for coverage details.